Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today i miss Hawaii Nei

I love birthdays. I mean I seriously love love love birthdays! I love to make bdays a huge deal! I sorta feel it is the one day that you get to be spoiled and I make sure to do it for my children. I am totally over the top and invite way too many people, but I am a sucker for a birthday fun! So here I am, again reminded just how much I miss home. In Hawaii, it would be nothing to plan a birthday party at home. Surrounded by all her cousins and swimming in grandmas pool. BUT NO...we don't have a pool and we don't have grandma!

I am thinking a trip to Disney, sorry #1, and Sea World with one friend and we will call that a birthday.  Maybe have cake and ice cream at the house some day later on in the week!  #1 will be at girls camp, but not like she wants to have out with her 7 and soon to be 6 year old sisters at Magic Kingdom.  Who knows what is going to happen.  I mean we are just a few weeks out and still no birthday invites or anything!  Goss I suck as a mom lately!


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