Thursday, May 7, 2009

Conversations from the craft room

#2: (While flipping through 800 pictures) Mama, you really take a lot of pictures. Some of them we aren't even smiling! And these, pointing to Halloween pictures, don't even look like me anymore. Is that why you take so many pictures mom? So you can remember what we looked like?

Me: Yes hunny, that is why I take so many pictures. So I don't forget.

#2: Good cause I don't remember being this cute!



Sheila said...

That's great!!

Mary said...

too cute!

Brad and Lauren said...

Of course that is why moms take so many pictures!!! When we are older than the hills, sitting in our rocking chairs on the porch, we need to remember how cute our kiddos were!!! And they are so very cute, even without smiles!

Miss Hope said...

Love this! Isn't it just a hoot what our kids come up with some times?

Michelle said...

Big real-life LOL chuckle!!
You gotta love her.