Saturday, May 9, 2009

Things to do things to do!

WOW, it has been a busy couple of days! But it's it always with three children!

Heavenly Father has been awesome to me! I could list the millions of ways that he has blessed my family, but it's not necessary. My children and I know every details and sometimes that is just enough!

I guess tonight I am feeling a bit crazy. Well not crazy, nervous. Tomorrow I have to give my first talk in church. When the Elders called me and asked me the give the talk, I panicked slightly! Am I really "qualified" to give this talk? So all day I have sorta been thinking about it..and here I am ten thirty at night, finally finished with what I consider, my working final. It will probably need a whole handful more of crossing out and rewording, but hopefully it conveys what I need it to..rather..what I want it to. My children are SO excited I am giving a talk. Oh great, what pressure! Of course I will have to work like a dog not to sit there and just read from my notecards. So I keep reading it over and over so I sorta start to memorize it.

So ryan isn't home. Surprise surprise. I mean we are in the same at least that is progress. But he had to switch his shift work, yea like that is a plus, so he was home, while the girls and I were out, and then is at the boat right now. Then tomorrow he has duty..and hopefully we see him at a normal hour Monday.

Whatelse whatelse...Oh the van is fixed, but the camry has to go back. Tyra went to the dentist and her wisdom teeth are coming out. YEA, teeth pulling...but not a huge deal, she has no cavities and has the best teeth this dentist has seen for someone just out of braces! That's my girl!!! But she did recommend sealants on her molars! So we will be back next week for that. Not to mention that the two piglets will have to go for cleanings. Here is hoping their teeth are as great as tyra's.

OH and tyra was in the goal..again to day. It was 2-2 but I have to say the best game they have played. She only played goal in the second half...yes without practice again...and the one she got scored on..was off a corner kick header. I hate say it..but it was awesome! Anyway...but she stopped six. What more can you really ask for! Oh wait to actually practice that position on tuesday and thursday. Oh my the things we ask for!

Well here is hoping that your mothers day is a lovely one. Like I said, ry it will just be the girls and I..but I am making Kalua Pig for me..and I have a few peeps rolling in from church. At least I think so! So have an awesome day tomorrow. I am thinking about taking the chicklets to the beach!

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Brad and Lauren said...

*You will rock your talk at church!!! I mean come on, what are you fretting over.
*There is no normal in our lives with the Navy, which I know you know.
*Way to go Tyra!! Keep on kicking!
*Enjoy your yummy meal and wonderful day.
***Happy Mother's Day to you***