Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Early days

I miss the begins of my children.  I miss it for so many reasons!  I miss first steps, first words, first haircuts, but mostly I miss the mom I use to be when they were younger!  I know it is sad to say out loud, but they kept me on task.  I ran my house like a tight ship.  Up at six.  Breakfast at six thirty.  Dressed and out the door at seven thirty.  Drop off tyra.  Run errands, home eating lunch by 11:30 napping by noon.  Wake them up by 2.  Leave at 2:15 pick up ty at 2:30.  Homework.  dinner NLT 5:30.  Bathtime by 6:30.  stories at 7.  Lights out at 7:30.
As much as a pain that schedule was, ry and i very rarely deviated from that schedule.  It was just too high a price if we adjusted bedtime.  It would be this crazy snowball effect.  So naptime and bedtime were holy hours in our house. 
In those hours i maintained our hosue and whatever else needed to be done.  I had to wash the dishes and do the kitchen during bath time.  Because if not, then when would i do it?  I would wash and fold the laundry during naptime, because if i didn't, then when would i have time to do it.  
Fast forward a few years and holy moly.  I still try and maintain a bedtime...but sometimes I fudge the lines.  Dinner is now anytime between five and six.  And the kitchen normally gets cleaned after they go to bed OR the next morning...please don't judge me...
So when I think of my children when they were little I miss so much more then first steps or life with breast feeding and dirty diapers.  I miss the mom that use to care for those girlies!

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