Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some days i dream

(yes I am singing the like Mike commerical)

that Tyra could drive. That means no more getting her to soccer practice. And then sitting with her for two hours in the heat.

that we once again lived in lovely Hawaii Nei. Where my best friend is just down the highway. my parents are just down the street. summer fun runs from 8-2 for $25.

I had a pool. So my two younger girlies could just roll out of bed in their breakfast and then I don't hear from them until around eleven, when they are starving again!

that I didn't have hives. and that it didn't take six weeks for them to heal.

I had a house keeper. Just so my clean laundry would get put away.

we lived closer to a "big" city. and that everything that I think I might need isn't forty plus minutes away.

that it wasn't 108 degress and my children could actually go outside and play and not send up my water bill!

that women could just be friends. not horrible stab you in the back, wacked out behind your back talking peeps. I mean seriously..if we aren't friends...don't pretend to be. It really is just that simple!

that I had a bestie that lived in the same town as me. with children that could get along with all my children and me and said best friend could just sit for hours doing long as the kids got along! that we would go on great family vacations together and all that other stuffs that best friend families do!!!

But not everyone's dreams come true...sorry it's a venting day. my body is covered in hives..and the stupid medicine knocks me out..and causes the worst case of dry mouth you can imagine.

But..I guess I should be the one who focuses on the good right???

okay that makes me feel better. now onto glass number 600 of water today

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Tanya said...

Awwwww. Hey, I hear ya about the clean laundry not being put away. I think at any given time at least one of our couches serves as the family "dresser" since I fold the laundry there and then barely...or rarely...get the chance to put it away. ;o) Stay cool, Super Mommy!