Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am amazed at the blessings in my life.  My heart has been very heavy lately.  So many things are going on, and all I can do is lean on Heavenly Father.  So I have to start just in my mind, listing my blessings. 
So today, has been an emotional difficult day.  I mean I really felt that all my windows had closed and I was standing alone.  Then I got this text from someone I consider not really a friend, but just someone I know.  It was just a forward, but it my moment of need, God answered.  The text read
"God said your sadness and hard times are over."
I was thinking as if Heavenly Father sent me a text.  I mean the person who sent me the text was not the person I would ever think was Godly.  He sends me the naughtiest texts and emails all the time.  Anyway..so I was sure God used him as the person to send me that text.
So of course I forward it.  It effect someone else who sends me a text that that was just what they needed.  Then through everything, I find what I need via internet and make a few calls.  It seems like things are going to work out some.  At least.  And then I am reminded that it is God's plan, not mine!  
So for me, I am reminded when I need to speak to God I need to pray.  And when I want himt to speak to me, I need to read my scriptures!



Amber said...

Ronee, I never comment on your blog...but I do read it and check out the pictures of your beautiful girls! Thanks...for this post....I needed it...since I am up at 212am and just decided to come here...The Lord does work in mysterious ways...Thank you.

KTluv said...

Ronee, I can feel your pain, believe me. Keep the faith and trust that there is a plan in place. He will see you through the tough times. Let me know if I can help. I miss you!