Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A brand new day!

Today it is a brand new day! I have decided that Heavenly Father wants me to have a great day! (Notice me making that plan again) But I am sure of it. I am sitting up tall...and just smiling.

The girls and I are taking some much needed time away! Recharging our batteries surrounded by family. And most importantly...a pool!
Just because no post is really a post without pictures, I have this. Robert has been amazing and has totally become a member of my family! He is an amazing missionary and teacher! Heavenly Father sent me just what I needed when I needed it! He leaves next week! Life of a missionary. But he will be back. Oh and Tyson Elmo..he leaves in about four weeks.

Today enjoy a time with your family! OH and I wanted to say Congrats to Michelle who just took her Math Placement test, she is apply to college, and scored pretty high..and she was worried. I love you girlie!

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