Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And so it's tuesday

Today is the last FULL day of the school year! Yesterday was a SUPER busy day..but I love my girls..and I was happy that I could be there to spend time with them. But between end of the year parties, dolphin olympics, pool fun, and family home evening, my bed was looking pretty exciting last night!

My in laws were in and out..and with them they brought Nanea's birthday present.
We almost never open early bday presents...but Grandma and Grandpa Auger couldn't wait!
Of course we had to get the shot of all the girls and Logan.
Logan would not cooperate
Not sure what we are going to do come Christmas card time!
So we let him go and got a handful of semi okay ones.
Boy the sun is being nice to my girls!!!
What else has been going on..OH..Logan now hates when anyone leaves. So he is smart enough to try and guess what bag I am taking for the day. The other day when the girls were getting ready for the beach, we decided to do this.
This is normally the bag I take to go to the beach. But since Ryan was taking the girls, he took a different bag. Logan was not happy!

So besides grandparents, it was End of the Year party for #2 yesterday

Well..my morning is quickly ticking away..and #3 has finally wondered out of my bedroom. Yes I said MY bedroom. I wish i could blame her, but I saw her dad carrying her in there last night!


KTluv said...

Hey girlie! What's up? Love catching up with you on your blog. I have been such a slacker on mine. My bro will be down there in Jax at end of month so I will be looking you up when we come for a visit!

Miss Hope said...

Love love love picture posts! You have the best ones!