Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today she is six

Six years ago..ryan and I got up at six and kissed our two older ones aloha and off we went to deliver. Thank goodness for scheduled C-sections...with the two previous, it was heavenly. We showed up at seven and was prepped and rolled into our room.

This pregnancy was PERFECT. No pain, no excess doctors visits. Normal ultra sounds. All a girl would dream of in a pregnancy! We never found out what we were having. With the lack of ultra sounds, it just remained a mystery. Not that I cared, I knew Heavenly Father was sending me another girl. I remember just asking for a happy healthy baby, with adorable eyes. See #1 had gotten hazel eyes. #2 my baby browns. so it was my hope, that #3 would be blessed with lovely blues.

After the worst delivery ever we were blessed with another baby girl. When Nanea was born, it was a crazy time in our family. The Navy was moving us. We actually left only one week before Ry's report date, so that Nanea would be nine weeks old before we got on the plane.

Fast forward to today and we are blessed with a spirited, gifted, and true Daughter of God. I know everyday she was intrusted me to as a reminder of just how blessed we are to be here! She loves snuggling, littlest pet shop, and dessert! She loves school and times with friends. The girl is always up for a party and can go from morning to night!
Everyday Nanea, mommy is thankful for the gift of you. You life me when I am sad and fill my heart with happiness when you smile!
Happy Birthday Girlie!

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