Saturday, June 6, 2009

Birthday presents, birthday parties, rain, Up! and summer vacation!

The weather just needs to make a choice. Rain or don't rain! My girls and I just want to go out and play! Luckily this morning, too early to think it was a Saturday, the girls and I took Logan for a run! He is an awesome runner! The girls get on their scooters and I hold on for dear life. But today Nanea and I traded. I got my scooter on..and she ran. Boy, I was riding all out and Logan was still keeping up with us...I need to get off that barbie and get my one of those fancy new razor cruiser boards...

We went to see Up was awesome! I was happy..because lately movies has all been geared toward Tyra or older...Tyra and I have pretty much seen EVERYTHING and we have a list of about ten more we NEED to see...come on transformers!

All the arrangements for Nanea's sixth birthday are done...her bday invite was basic and got out within a normal time range...slightly behind!!! We can't wait for Tuesday!

My daddy's birthday is coming I made his present. He is going to be 60! Old Man! But my parents have everything so of course I have to go totally handmade. I would post pictures..but not until I get it in the mail! Just in case daddy wants to sneak a peek.!

So summer vacation is in full swing..except the rain is not cooperating! Rain rain go away!

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