Saturday, April 21, 2007

A crafty Saturday

So today I have been on the run! Thankfully the medicine is taking effect and I am starting to feel better! Praise Jesus! Just in time to hit the flea market this morning! My friend Gail...(HI GAIL!!!) and my friend Claudia where heading out to their "find" and I was able to tag along!

All of this for $10. Don't be jealous!! I hear some weekends are better then others..but I thought I did well!! I can't wait to try out these dew drops. Beate got some and she did wonders...hopefully it was more the ink they Beate's creativity..YEA RIGHT!! But here's hoping! The other stuffs is some bling, cute clippies..and some dotted buttons..too cute! Can't wait to play!

SO after the flea market we made a stop for breakfast. All I can say is I had scattered and smuthered. But then we headed to Michelle's. Today Gail, Kim and Michelle hosted a card buffet. If you have never been to a card buffet it's where you show up..and they have cards prepared and you pick and choose which cards you want to make. These girls came up with 11 superstar cards! At a dollar a card you can't beat it!

Don't you love them! Yes that is 11 handmade card. I have to say I had a great time! Anytime I get to spend with an awesome time. We missed Pat today. I mean who told her she go could off and have a vacation! I mean seriously! Anyway...the cards are great..and what I love most about there were a ton of sympathy cards! I always don't know what to do for sad cards. I guess when I get cards they always make me smile..SO when I think sadness..I don't know how to put that into a cards.

So my day was great..I call Ry and tell him I am heading home. To his defense..Saturday is his sleep in day..and I made him get up when I left at 730 this morning. I told him I would be home around 1..but heh card buffet went long..SO here I am calling him at 3 saying..okay I am on the way I get met by my two younger girls in my living room watching Chicken Little. The house seems to have survived the morning..this is not always the case..but then I head to my craft room..and I open the door and see this

Are you saying to yourself..oh those look familiar? Those aren't the paper she just bought from the scrapbook store it??? Is that glitter on the sheet?? Where did the glitter come from??? Oh wait..didn't she just buy a jar of stickles?
Okay so after I start breathing again..I ask...OUT LOUD..what the heck happened in here? The first name I call...Ryan Alden Auger! Why, do you ask, do I call for my husband? Well because sometimes his supervision skills are a bit lacks. To my husband's defense..I did leave the paper on my craft desk...but you see Traysea doing anything crazy like this..OF COURSE NOT..why? Because she enjoys breathing. Now at this point Nanea is reminded of what she did and is hiding under her bed. If you ever ever met Nanea you will know that this is my "strong willed" one. Again I am using positive words. But she got a hold of the stickles..and the new paper..and started making creations. When I finally get to her..and fight ever urge in my body to yell at her...she says "I wanted to make pretties!" Okay seriously how can I get mad at her??? I promise God gave Nanea the cutest eyes and smile because he knew that it was going to be the only thing that would save that child. Ryan came in and scolded her. I just glared at him!!! He just walked away and offered to purchase pizza for dinner and said I could make a trip back to the scrapbook store to replace the paper and stickles. So at the end of the day I don't have to make dinner!! YUPPIE!!! I scored big time at the flea market. I got to spend time with my friends making awesome cards and breakfast with Claudia and Gail! YUPPIE! What a day!

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