Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's a blustery day!

As Pooh and his friends would say! What a blustery day! It seems that South Carolina has been visited by the winds of the west. It seems to have died down, but all day it was something crazy! Today was the Carolina girl swap! WooHoo!! It has been such a busy weekend. Like I am going from one thing to the next! Which is the truth. Thankfully I have an awesome husband that if possible, allows me the chance to get out and do things! Today's swap was a packed house. It was suppose to be 11 of us..but Ms. Michelle was home sick! Poor girlie! We missed you Michelle!!! Anyway...everyone is super gifted! Today's swaps were just awesome! Here they are!!

Aren't they cute!!! It is dark already..SO I will take piece by piece pictures in the AM when the sun is up! OH WAIT..tomorrow is going to be a crazy day! I have about ten errands I have to run for Ryan. Traysea has school. Not to mention that I have yet to start ryan's invites for his commissioning!! *Insert crazy deperation noise here!!* OH did I mention my laundry is steadily taking over my bedroom! Oh well...I did get Ryan's hair cut tonight. So he isn't looking to crazy for his Monday classes! I feel like such a good wife!! Alrighty!

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Shadowcatcher said...

This is a fabulous lot of masculine cards! I just added your blog link to the main list on Splitcoast Bloggers. Happy Blogging!
-Julee T.