Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New stamps new stamps and my Easter goodies!

So yesterday in my email inbox there is an email from my friend Felicia. Felicia is a CTMH demo and I had ordered some things last month..because it was buy two get one free. We all know I am female and LOVE a sale. SO...tada look at my goodies! I can't wait to find a reason to use them! I LOVE how these things store. Felicia has a closet..with about 90 plus sets..but you don't really know that..WHY..cause they fit all in these cute little boxes! I love it! this is the goodies I got today...I have to think of something to make!!!

Then these are my Easter goodies from mom!!! Ice Tea from home. I LOVE NOH ice tea. The floral printed paper and tags are the best. Mom knows I love she sends me some! Love her! She also sent me some flowers for me ear. You know us girls from Hawaii and there flowers in their ears. Mom hates that I buy them from Michaels..and cut the stems. They are huge and in all types of colors..SO she felt bad for me and sent me a bunch! SO that's it for tonight..I know..I totally just made up for not posting all week! Okay back to doing the real stuffs! I gotta still clean my house..I am having a Passion party friday! It's going to be a blast. SO if you happen to be in Charleston Friday..drop by!!!


Anonymous said...

ALoha Ronnie...
You got awesome Easter goodies and the pua's are beeutiful...I miss Hawai'i a lot...I miss the smell's of the pua's everywhere...Love your blog and the things you create....Keep on stamping and creating...Aloha Liann

Nancy said...

Ooo what fun! What an awesome gift from your Mom.

beate said...

Oh....great goodies!