Saturday, April 21, 2007

I love my very best friend!!

So I have an awesome best friend Mayumi! Mayumi has been such a great friend to me! I feel like I have been a part of her life for so long. It is hard to imagine my life without her. I've known her since she was in high school. She spent holidays with me..while in college, because she couldn't go home! Mayumi is like my own daughter! SO i RAK'ed her. Just to tell her I loved her! Anyway this summer we had planned on going home and she was so excited! But she sent me this!

I hate to have to tell her that we have changed our plans and are not coming home! It's been FOREVER since I've seen her! At least three years..when we went home for the summer. I hate it..I miss her tons!!! We are going to have to make her come to visit me!!! I LOVE YOU, MAYU!

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beate said...

Oh no. I am sorry to hear you won't be able to go home! That sucks!