Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Moving parts!

Heh there blog reading world! Sorry I haven't been around in a few days! It is a super busy time in my household! Ryan is graduating from the Citadel May 4th..and we have so many moving parts in our lives right now. BUT I am trying not to complain! I have to trust that my prayers are being heard..and Jesus is delivering! Okay..anyway..so Ry gets commissioned...Tyra has two performances for her school. Traysea has a field trip. Ry's parents arrive April 30th. My parents arrive May 1st. My brother, sister in law, three nieces and my sister arrive on the 2nd. Did I mention we are looking for a place to rent for our remainding time here in South Carolina. We can't find anything in the Goose Creek, Hanahan, North Charleston area that is worth anything..or a true 4 bedroom and Ryan really doesn't want to drive. BUT today I found a great house..but it's in Ladson..SO Ryan and I are going to have to compromise some place...anyway..SO normally I don't stress out..but it just seems like a lot of things are happening right now! SO I have decided..if it is ment to be..God will make it happen. Okay deep cleaning breath...but on a lighter note..I am heading to the Lakehouse this weekend! Just how crazy is that! My friend Claudia has this great lake house that she is letting us come and hang out at..and stamp stamp stamp! I have to get with my girl Gail and make a commissionary run...AND..decide if we want to do tins.

Anyway..onto a happier bit..have you seen SU up and coming stuffs! OH MY GOODNESS I cannot wait for the new stuff to "hit the stands". I already feel my wallet shrinking..but I told Ryan I would be good..until we know what we have to put out when we move...i.e. new bedroom furniture, and a fridge...then I would keep my stampin budget small. OH I am still going to every event...$15 for stamp camp..isn't really a huge deal...SO thank goodness the new catty doesn't come out till July..it will give me some cushion time! Then we will know just what my stampin budget is going to be. Well I am sure I have gone on long enough..! I'll catch up with you guys soon! Keep me in your thoughts!!! I need all the positive prayers and thoughts you guys got!!!

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Marie said...

Congrats on graduation!! I have enjoyed your blog. If you want to "play" when you have time, I've tagged you. See my blog for more info. Take care!!!