Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogger tag

Today..well actually yesterday I got tagged by Marie. She has a super star blog called Combat boots to Rubber stamps. I will have to find out to post a link..anyway..I am suppose to tell you seven things "interesting" facts about me, so here I go.

1. Hmm..I always knew I was going to be a mom! I think from a very young age I couldn't wait to have my own children!! God has been wonderful and blessed me with three beautiful daughters! Who knew it would be such hard work! Everyday one of my children test me! But at the end of each day I am happy! Now if it was up to me..we would have at least one more..BUT Ryan says three is fine!!

2. I normally don't stress out. Werid yea! I mean I get a bit freaked out..but no challenge is too much..except right now! With everything being so up in the air right now I just feel overwhelmed.

3. Ryan and I got married in a matter of three days. It's those military weddings I tell you..Decided to get married on married Friday..Ry got underway...his boat left for 4 months...the following Monday. Into year seven we have a million up and downs..but..when you scrape everything away..we are still married!!! I have to least for today..happily!

4. I love Hawaiian food. this is not a huge secret..but it's not something I think a lot of my "new" friends now. Now when I say new friends..I just mean the friends that I have known in the last four years...BUT I love it! I can eat it all the time! It's horrible..I don't even have to be hungry!

5. I am not only Hawaiian. I am a nice blend of a million different things.

6. I am want everything. I am spoiled. Yes the most horrible sense. Luckily I have a great mom and husband. Normally if there is something I want..I get it! I know it is horrible. BUT if not right then...I can wait..I hate to wait..but right now..I am waiting for the cuttlebug or big shot to go on sale so I can bring it home with me.

7. My craft addiction started early. I can remember in high school I use to have everyone coloring or doing some craft thing. My mommie is a crafty person...luckily. She was always there to encourage my sickness..even back then!

I hope that is for tagging..I am going to have to get back to you..A lot of everyone has been tagged. So I will check out my list of blogs I have bookmarked..and get back to you...!

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