Monday, April 30, 2007

I got tagged again! I love playing games

I have always been a game type of girl. We use to hang out and play games all the time when I was younger. Ryan isn't a huge game..he is there..but the actually sitting down and playing games..he's not huge on. Which is so funny..because he pretty much can rock out anything. Anyway..I have always been the "friend" that would fill out the survey and send it I have been tagged..again and have to list seven "interesting" facts about me... so

1. I love being from Hawaii, but don't ever want to live there again. I mean I love it as a place to come home and visit...but while the Navy is paying for us..I'd like the girls to see as much as possible. But when it is all said and done, Ry and I are going to take the girls home!

2. My best friend is my mom. Okay now a lot of you are probably saying..of course she is..the funny part is that my mom never wanted to be my best friend. BUT she is mine. Too bad what she wanted. She is the best mom EVER. I love her tons..she is here in two days. YUPPIE!

3. My daughters are my everything. Now I know you are saying..well that's not interesting..but it is something I felt I needed to share. Those three girls always can carry me through any situation. Tyra is always the comforting one. Traysea always wants to know why..and what happened..and Nanea..just makes you smile! She is pure sunshine.

4. My favorite flower is a tubearose. I think that is how you spell it.

5. I have an addiction to Bath and Body works. I love love love great smelling stuffs! I am not a huge perfume type of girl though. SO I love lotions. That store is so dangerous for me!

6. I still watch cartoons. You say..of course you have three girls..but no I really still watch them. Tyra and I will tivo them and watch them together later. It is so crazy how into them I get. They all have these crazy story lines and everything!

7. I love art. If it is paper crafting..painting..anything..i love it. My mom was/is super crafty and she always left that outlet there for me. My dad wanted me to go to art school, but when I have to start to make something, because I have to..I have a hard time doing that. Anyway...I found my seven..I will tag some people later..right now I have to get the girls ready for school!

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Jen said...

Aloha Sister!!! How wonderful it is to have another local glamorous bloggette find another! Can I link to your page? LMK... love our blog - i totally love my kiddies too, but they are boys, nonetheless, I feel the same way you do about them.... will write more to you thru email... hugs n' aloha,