Sunday, April 29, 2007

A great time...but it's the week!!!

So this weekend..well Friday and Saturday I spent at this great Lakehouse. My friend Claudia has this lakehouse! She was nice enough to let us come up and spend the night and most of the day stampin and creating! I love this bunch. The "inner" circle. They know who they are!!! Anyway we made some great projects..I promise I will take pictures this morning..when the sun comes up some, and then post them.
So today starts that crazy week I have been talking about! Ry's parents come in tomorrow..but then my parents come in on Tuesday...then my brother buddy that I can't wait to see comes in Thursday..Ry gets commissioned Thursday..OH I forgot to mention that Traysea has a field trip on the 1st..and Tyra has two Aladdin performances on the 2nd and 3rd..oh then Ry gets commissioned Friday..and has graduation on Saturday. Plus there is stamp camp at 1. MY head is spinning from just talking about it all! Anyway..enough of my complaining..I just wanted to vent..Pray that we go and see this house today and Ryan loves it!
Have a great week..I promise to check in with you guys this week!!
thank you claudia, gail, michelle, and kim for making me weekend awesome!!!

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