Saturday, March 22, 2008


You won't believe it! I mean do you know when you have arrived? Well maybe when you appear on the Glitz website...NO, that just means you are on the rise..but when Donna Downey decides she can visit our store and TEACH! That totally means you are a superstar!!! So yes you read that..DONNA DOWNEY WILL BE TEACHING CLASSES AT THE PINK HOUSE. I am, right now i'm so excited! If you haven't heard how Donna Downey is, for my non-paper crafting gang, her is her blog! Check her out! Isn't she just awesome! Anyway I am in the glowy stage! She will be there May 16th and 17th! Oh, I'm bubbling over! I can't wait!
love you guys

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Brad and Lauren said...

You so rock!!! Congrats on getting such a superstar to the House. They are really going to miss you when you leave. I am so happy that you have a job that you totally love!! You have it all!! Love ya - Lauren & Family