Sunday, March 23, 2008

*Ry's Present*

So ry got home around 1 thirty this morning...I hate that I am on his schedule now..I can't go to sleep without him. No no, not in that mushy gushy way..but I love tv and I watch it, until he makes me shut it off and go to bed! I know it is an addiction! But also too it is the only time we really get to talk. Ry sleeps till 10 and I am either at work, or taking the girls off to do something, so we only get those moments..but is ry's basket
Ry runs a lot and his other ipod mp3 player is just too he got a shuffle! He was so excited last night, that he decided to go and run! Crazy yea! So if you saw an insane white boy running the streets at 2 am..that was my ry ry!
He has risen, let us rejoice!

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Misty said...

Happy Easter!!! I used to get so messed up on Jeremy's shift work and then I was totally exhausted with an infant during the day. The shuffle rocks, I love mine!!!