Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break first of all...I am sorry that I have not been posting with pictures. When my camera is somewhere else..I am just too lazy to get up and go and get it. I normally blog at some crazy ASK hour so to have the energy to get up and get my camera is normally non-existent. But I have been a good picture taking girl. SO....want to drool??? The Pink House has really started to get CHA goodies.....

This is my new son Zach. Just kidding, this line is called Zach's life! I love it! It is the largest collection that The Pink House has ever bought and it is oh so yum yummie! So I work tomorrow..come see it!
Spring break is a great time for me to catch up with the girls!!! But before school got out, they had an Easter party! This is #3 with her teacher!
Yes, this is Baby Bugs! She is awesome at the Monkey Bars. From as soon as she was big enough she had a superstar's grip! Here she is, showing off her skills!
This is my Brianna. If you ever met her parents, you can totally tell, she is her father's daughter! Isn't she cute!
Not the cutest picture of Kahekila, but she wanted to showcase her missing teeth! The child is keeping our tooth fairy in business. I think we are without five teeth! WOW!
Now this is Cuddles. This is the "Build a Bear" bunny that Kahe got several Build a Bear trips ago. I think it was back in Chicago..or Sharamburg..I think. Anyway, Bunny fu fu is wearing the dress that my #1, who is almost 11 wore! I loved this dress, so all three of my girlies wore it! Kahe found it and wanted Bunny to wear it! It takes me back to life back then. It was just #1 and to see where we are now, it just blows my mind. Where did all the time go? Kahekila turned six...what happened to all that time? Okay..enough pouting! I open come and see me!

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