Tuesday, March 11, 2008

#2 turns six and homeschool!

So it has been a whirlwind weekend! I think with the hour change and everything I am dragging. Today is okay..well better at least..it is 7 am and I have already made the girls lunches and ironed their clothes. So I am a step ahead. So we have decided to pull #1 out and homeschool her! I know, I never ever thought I would be a homeschool type of mom, but she is struggling and it seems the only way we can remedy that, is to homeschool her! We are excited. Well, Ry and #1 are excited, me I have some reservations..but I think that is just me!
BUT, #2 turned six. Where did those years go? I love being her mom! Not that I don't love being the mom to all three of my girls. There is something wonderful about each one of my girls, but Traysea is the queen bee! Somehow, life seems to revolve around Traysea. She naturally has this personality that draws people to her. For her birthday we headed to Columbia for Build a Bear workshop. Traysea loves Build a Bear....

Well, I have to run..the girls have to get ready for the school day!
love you guys...i open today..come see me!

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Memorie said...

Hey you!
Happy Birthday Traysea!! What a cutie! We need to talk about this home school business. We're up in the air about Wyatt for next year...long story!! But, I'm not gonna home school!! I think you're a Saint!!