Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Out of Breathe*Pride filled moments*and Superstars*

For the past couple of days, it feels like I have been driven, like an engine. It's okay, it keeps me motivated right? And in my life, you have to stay on top of it, or you get bogged down in laundry. As I am typing, my living room is covered with clean clothes. But I guess, at least it is clean right? Whatever happened to the laundry room? The past few houses, I have been laundry room less. AH POOP! Oh well. My girls have had company for two nights. They LOVE having her sleepover. Her mommie had to stay over in the hospital, so the girls got a bonus night. I hope you are feeling better Karrie Clark!
So I am loving today! Oh and yesterday. I got to watch my Bnana play in her first high school softball game! It has come full circle it seems for her mother. Her mom graduated from the same school that Bnana is playing for! I wonder is that is the same feeling my mom got? I'd love for all my girls to go to Kamehameha! I really would. I think I would love children to play sports anywhere, but to be at Kamehameha, it would be a huge pride issue for me! It's all good though. I was so proud of her! So today I bought her something! Rainbows. OH they are so CUTE! Sometimes she can totally be a bratty 15 year old, but I love her! Shhhh, don't tell #1, I haven't gotten her hers yet.
So to top off my day, Alec threw a three hundred game! Now Alec is an outstanding bowler. I think he just turned 18..or he is 17 going to be 18, but he threw a 300 game. He has come close a few times, but today, he brought it home! It is so awesome! Such a moment for him! I am so happy that I was there to see it! Not that he really cared if I was there...but I hope now he knows that he has it in him, if he can just bring it out at game time! Good Luck Saturday ALEC!
Alrighty, my arm hurts, and I have to break out my 300 game tomorrow morning....wish me luck!

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kathy said...

Sounds like a proud momma and you should be.