Sunday, March 23, 2008

He has Risen!!!

Happy Easter everyone! Just where are all these days going? I mean it is already march..almost April and it seems like I might have short timers thoughts! As much as I will hate to move...1. I have a job I love to death. 2. I have friends I love to death. 3. I just hate moving. But with all those, I think I am just ready to go. Four years in the same place. It just has been enough. Not that South Carolina has not been nice to us, but I think I am just ready to move on to the next phase! today is Easter! We had plans, but it fell apart, so we ended up staying home. NO worries though Ry always rather stay at home! He's a dork like that. But I guess that is why God made us so different. I love our house to be the house! I love to have people over and huge huge parties. Ryan, he hates it. Well, I can't say he hates it, but he would much rather it just be the girls and I spending the holiday with him. But Ryan grew up in a house with small parties. Being from Hawaii, nothing seems to happen without less then five or ten people! But I made him roast. He is not a ham person and the girls went out and found their eggs...Here they are...on deck..waiting....Here they are..after they found them all!
Know that we love you guys and wish you the best on this Easter day! I open tomorrow..oh and it's Isla's birthday so we are heading to California Dreaming for lunch!
Know that I love you

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