Friday, March 7, 2008

Midnight crops!!!

Well it is 11:22 pm and I am still at The Pink House. Every Friday we host a midnight crop..and two of my friends were going to come...SO, I decided I should stay! I love to hang out with my friends...and Ryan is at home playing his game no biggie! Today he passed his test, so we are pretty excited. South Carolina..or at least Charleston is being hit with wind and rain. Oh great, because we were suppose to trek North to Myrtle Beach and it is suppose to be windy and rainy...BUT I think I am going to try and talk #2 into a Spring Break day trip. But we will have to see how that goes. Sometimes she gets something in her mind and then that is it! So cross your fingers for either good weather or an understanding six year old! Wish me luck! Heh the Pink House has a beginners class and the Cricut club meets this weekend!!!

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Felicia said...

There's a Cricut Club? Ugh, why didn't we get to stay another year!!! I have the Design Studio for my Cricut and it's pretty fun. I haven't tapped it's full poetential but it's cool. I hope Traysea gets good weather this weekend!