Saturday, March 8, 2008

*What was up with blogger and being tagged*

So what the heck was up with Blogger today? I couldn't get some of my favorite blogs! I was like "What the French Toast?" So luckily it has been resolved! So I was tagged a few times. But interesting was two different types of tags! So here they go...
1. Stampin' Style: That is hard to say...I LOVE LOVE LOVE flowers and yummie patterned paper! But I am not huge into distressed..all my stuffs is fun, warm, and full of flowers..normally!
2. Inspiration: Where do I get it? Who knows..sometimes clothes, sometimes it just floats into my mind. So many times have I gone to bed with a sketch in my head, or a layout that just is begging to get out!
3. Work Space: Well my #2 and #3 share a room right now, so I can have a craft room. But luckily now I have The Pink House!
4. Perfect Day: Wow, my perfect day...hmmm...probably a day filled with sports! Be it an all day tournament or something like that...OR a day where I can just totally hang out with my family and friends..on the beach..or just in the warmth of the day.
5. First Job: Hmmm...I would have to think..I guess my first real job was keeping score for the boys basketball games!
6. Wildest dream: Oh my goodness...I don't know what my wildest dreams are...they are all kinda crazy!
7. Ink of choice: My ink choice..well I love ink and I am not stuck to one..but I own every color SU Ink in Classic and Craft. It is an illness. But I sold SU for awhile. But I have a lot of clearsnaps stuffs and palette ink galore..did I mention brillance...lets just say..I love me some ink!
8. Beverage: favorite drink? Lately its been vitamin water..but my ultimate drink of choice...slush floats from kennys! YUM!
9. Biggest Challenge: Hmmm, my biggest challenge changes from day to day. My marriage some ability to be the best parent on other days..but everyday I struggle with being enough! Or having enough...time that is!
10. Family: Well, I am married to Ry. We have 3 sweeties!
11. Colors: Oh my favorite love it mocha or java..i love it! not to mention I love cool carribean or turquoise. lime or black. But, i think I love browns the mostest!
Ry wants the computer, so I will have to tell you about the other tag later!!! We are off to Build a Bear tomorrow! My baby turns six monday..."Pickle you!"
Know that I love you

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