Thursday, March 13, 2008

The hunt is on

Have you seen my keys? I mean seriously..I can't find them! So this morning was perfect. Everyone slept and woke up naturally..well minus Ryan and I, but we don't count. Breakfast was smooth, no battle of wills over what to wear...nothing..then lunches were packed and we headed out to the van. But wait..the keys are no where.
Now I normally not a scattered brain type of person. Normally I am planned out, and make great decisions. I have a superstar work ethic and normally I am the go to girl..but lately I can't just stay the course. My phrase of the year was/is "be enough". Maybe my life is out of balance. My job life has been suffering. But that is mostly my fault. I am a huge giver..and I gave gave gave..and throwing everything out my balance. Not in a bad way..but "me" time was gone..and I felt like the girls lives revolved around The Pink House. If anyone has known me for like two seconds they know that I always over book myself. My mom laughs about it. Ryan says I might have short timer syndrome. Which I don't think so. I was sorta hoping Ryan would let us stay here while he moved, but he totally has squished that idea...which is okay. I love my husband and our family should be together as much as possible! Anyway, here it is 1 pm and an totally clean house and no keys! So I am home today...stranded until Ryan can come home. Not to mention that I was suppose to open the store today and I am on the card to pick up Bnana today from practice. But Ryan's new bank card came today from maybe God intended on me being home...anyway..
Oh an update on homeschool! I LOVE IT! I really think that I might homeschool next year too. #1 loves it..and now 2 and 3 think they want it to. Could I really homeschool all three of my crazy would that to y'all later! Pray that the munchkin hiding my key gives it back!

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Anonymous said...

Did you find 'em?
LOL-that's soooo something I would do!
love you,
Michelle D.