Saturday, March 22, 2008

*Easter Egg Dying*

So we did our egg dying today! The girls love dying eggs. Even my 12 year old still runs to the table and can't wait to get her hands on her dozen. Yes, my children dye a dozen each. It just works out easier! Plus everyone has their own little container to keep them all together! they are in the act!

I know they are all in their "Sundays Best." I made them put on their PJ's. If they got stained I wouldn't freak out!!! Speaking of stained. These are Kahekila's hands after she was done! None of my girls can ever escape the fingertip coloring! Then here are my girls before they started. They had been waiting all day!

Here are the girls Easter Baskets! Every girl got a bathing suit and slippers. Well #1 didn't get slippers, but that is because she couldn't decide!

I even got Ry ry a present, but I will post that later. Just in case he tries and checks my blog before hand! Happy Easter Virgil!

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Kelly said...

I was just thinking about our Easter Egg dying party last year...miss you guys!