Friday, August 24, 2007

Week one!

So today is Friday and it has been an entire week of Tyra at school! She seems to have survived..BUT hasn't made any real friends yet. It is so weird..because Tyra is such a friendly girl We will have to see what becomes of all this! So today my baby girls have open house at their school..but Nanea has a fever. Traysea had it a few days ago..SO of course..Nanea has to get it. BUT tomorrow is Tyra's birthday party! I will have to pray over her tonight and trust that God will heal her! Anyway..SO two more days are left on my sprinkles chance..OH and Felicia...I didn't mail you out your package. Hi Have you met me!! I am such a dork that way. It is still sitting on my dryer..waiting for someone to take it to the post office..SO my question for it too late?? And Lauren..I promise to find sometime to actually email my order off to you! It has been sitting in this nice little spreadsheet for about two days! There just never seems to be enough hours in the day for everything I need to do! So today I am running around finishing things for Tyra's birthday..which is tomorrow. The two babies have open house..not to mention at the Pink House we have to go and get the rest of the inventory from Scribbes and Scraps. AHHH..talking about it is making me dizzy already! Anyway..I need a suggestion for a birthday present for my husband! Send me a comment!

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Ijsbeer said...

Happy birthday to Tyra! Hope your girls feel better fast. And I wouldn't worry too much about making friends. It does take a while sometimes.

As for birthday presents I am not sure I can help you. But many guys love gadgets. Even those who claim they don't I have noticed. Just buy him something in relation to something he loves; be it a special edition of the movie he loves; tickets to his favorite sport game; equipment for his hobby etc. Good luck!