Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back to the some babysitting

This week my oldest has soccer camp. So it has been a "ready up" for the school year. My baby had to be at soccer camp...around 830. So it's up at 6...showering up..ironing the clothes..getting all the girls up and fed...the two then I have to get myself changed and looking fabulous. YEA RIGHT! Then after I take my oldest to soccer, I turn around and on Tuesday and Thursday, I take the girls to Summer Fun Bunch..and then I am off to the Pink House. So I have been doing pretty well. Well right now I am dragging because I spent a large part of my evening listen to Logan complain about his girlfriend, thankfully they broke up AND plus, like my normal self, I have taken on a lot more at the Pink House. But I am not complaining. Like..what I am doing right now...Compiling my Great Impression order. I just finished my Bella order. Then tomorrow I have to finish all my prep for my Altered Class on Sunday. I love being this busy. Anyway..So yesterday I got a dog and a baby boy. Well, I only got to borrow them. This week we are dog sitting Pockets. I don't know what John and Amanda did, but Pockets is a superstar dog. Well behaved and let's my girls love on her constantly. Nanea loves having someone to boss around! TOO, yesterday, my girl Shelly and her family we stopped by Nang's to say goodbye. I am pretty sure that we will run into Shelly, Art, and Eva the Diva again! The Nuclear world is so small, that Ry and him will cross paths again. while I was there, I decided I should just "steal" Manny. Manny is Nang's son. Remember I had to make all those invites and favors for the baby shower. Well it was all for her. So, because my parents had been here and we went on vaca...I haven't gotten to really bond and love on him. Well..I stole him. Not totally..his parents had errands. Plus, I was going to keep him while him Daddy had a basketball game, so I just added a few hours to my baby sitting! Oh him is so precious! I didn't get all that great pictures..SO I am going to hold off until I get an adorable one! Do you know we haven't done announcements yet..and Handy Manny...that's what Nanea and his cousins are calling him....doesn't have announcements yet! The sin of it all! I promise to get working on them! Anyway...So I miss my creative side! BUT I promise to be creative this weekend...AND take my camera to the Pink House so I can take pictures of my class projects! I have been SO horrible lately..and I have to have to have to do my oldest Birthday invites. Not like I have tons of time! I have an idea, I just have to pull it out of there. I learned that from Gail Owens. PLUS her card swap is coming up too! UH OH! I have to knock those out soon! YIKES! Plus the store just opened a card swap! SO if you live in my area and want to join the stores card swap..let me know! I can sign you guys up! IT will be a fun time..this month's theme is Birthday. Fun Yea! Anyway, Know that I miss you guys! Can't wait till I actually have time to be creative and actually get into my craft room!

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