Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just thinking out's a long one

As I have aged, I have noticed that I love to learn from people. I like to see people do things and be like..I am not going to do that..or I am SO going to do that. I lived in awesome surroundings growing up. I was able to see my Aunty raise her oldest son. Her and Ray use to eat in shifts. I thought that was such a super idea. I have applied that to every one of my girls. One parents eats..the other watches the child. Genius right! So as my oldest is about to be 12, I find it is important to surround her with the "right" people. Not that you ever can choose the people your child hangs out with..but you can guide their choices! Right? So far, I think I have done a SUPERSTAR job. Lucky me! But then that brings me to exactly where do I draw the line? Today..the boy I claim as my son..told me he doesn't want to play baseball anymore. I was blown away. Skateboarding is supposedly where it is at now. But it makes me you make your kids play? Now ever parent out there is freaking out thinking I push my children to do crazy things. Now this is only partly true. Sports in our house is a HUGE deal...but it is not everything. If it ever came down to school or sports, then the choice will always be school. BUT I have always guided my children's choices. My oldest choices this year are not do you want to play you want to play travel team soccer or rec league soccer? Now in my eyes..this is a normal questions...because if she isn't playing sports..she is just sitting around at home playing her Wii or watching TV. Totally not a option in our house. Now I am also lucky that my oldest does not know the difference. But I have guided her choices almost all her life. Do you want to wear the blue shirt or red shirt today. She always felt like she was making the choices..but I was guiding them. Get what I mean...? So what is the difference between what shirt she is wearing to what sport she is playing? During the spring..I do let her pick though. Spring Soccer or Spring Basketball?

It is also amazing, just how different all three of my girls are. The oldest is such a roll with the punches type of girl. My Kahe is head strong and loves knowledge. Then Bugs is the one that lives life to its fullest moment to moment. My parents were here for a week with the girls..and everyday would notice the difference. Bugsy eats the hot dog, Kahe eats the bun with the ketchup. My oldest eats the entire thing. Small things like that. Now for me, this is everyday life. But for someone who doesn't get the up close view of my children, it is just funny. Well, my mom doesn't really find it as amusing. She just thinks that my children should listen. My oldest did..why not them! My parents have a special bond with my oldest. My dad held my daughter before I did. He was the first man in her life! I love their relationship. I was a Papa's girl too! My oldest wanted Heelys. She has wanted them for at least a year, but I thought she didn't need them. First of all, she has skates and secondly they seem to be banded from every place. Then I know someone who broke their arms..and another child that broke his elbow. I mean seriously..this is not something that she needs. But yet, she now has a pair. I guess I just pick my battles when it comes to my dad and my oldest. The Heely's not a battle I needed to win I guess.

Well, I hope you had a great weekend! I had a great time hanging out with my friends for dinner! I LOVED making dinner for you guys!

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kathy said...

I think we all try and guide our children in their choices. I think playing sports or after school activities is a way to keep them off the street and is a wise choice. I think keeping them busy steers them away from whatever bad lurks out there. Do you have skateboard parks where you are?