Sunday, August 12, 2007

*Happy Birthday, Deb*

Yesterday we headed out to Yokoso's for a birthday celebration for Deb. That's Michelle sister. My oldest and I headed out..Ry kept the babies...and we went to dinner. This is my oldest with the presents we got for Deb. Well technically they aren't presents. Since Deb made me promise not to get her a present. The Band Aid tin is filled with mints and Werther's originals. The tin was from Teri, when I won her blog candy. My oldest is SUPER dark. She just came from a weeks worth of soccer camp..and spent days on the soccer field and in the swimming pool. I promise the sun will bring out the Hawaiian in you pretty quickly. I am off to teach my Sunday class. Like I said if you are in town..come by!
You know where I will be!

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