Sunday, August 12, 2007

I was so busy I didn't take pictures

OH GREAT! Today I had a coaster pencil box class...AND I was so busy that I didn't take pictures! GRRRRR! It was such a superstar class and everyone seemed to have a good time! I really wish I had feedback cards so I could improve! Anyway..I had four people today and they all picked out great paper..and color combinations! It was pretty spasome. So if you were in my class today..send me a picture of your coaster box. I would LOVE to place it on my blog!

I am so tired today too! I feel as if last week is taking it's toll on me today. Then tomorrow is a day on the go. The girls have appointments all day. It is that back to school time. On top of that I have to take the van to be cleaned and have it's oil changed. Not to mention all three girls need things before school starts. My oldest is on the one week countdown..and the two babies have two weeks. It is crazy! But tonight I am going to turn my cel phone off..and if you know me..that is pretty impossible..but I am..and tuck into bed with Harry..and hopefully dreamland finds me..and I sleep right through till the alarm goes off at six! Cause the girls have to be at the dentist at 750! Why did I set that appointment up for SO early? Who knows! Anyway..I promise to take pictures..and be creative!

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