Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's a long one....but there are some sprinkles at the bottom!

*If you are here for Sprinkles...see my current has changed!*

It has been a week since I blogged! I'm SO sorry! I hate when I get so busy..that things slip through. This week I had a schedule full of things! Monday everyone went to the dentist at 8..then Ty had ortho at 12..then she had doctors at 1:30. We did squeeze in breakfast with my favorite family..but I got my baby boy that day! I took him back to the Pink Store with me.

But bright and early Tuesday the girls head to Summer fun bunch and I am back to the Pink House. Which was fine..because Michelle and Brianna came to visit me! Brianna wanted to cover some we got some awesome Softball paper and stickers...SO they came by! The morning went by quickly. I manned the store since Michelle had some mommy errands to run! Then the two babies had to go in for their doctors appointments. Oh my goodness I had to break out my blue sticker! Well that is not the sticker or blue sticker..I still would have had a fit with the shots chick! But I fixed it and the girls are shotted up and ready to go! Then headed to the commissary and had some friends over because they were packing and needed a family to feed them!

Wednesday my morning started at the Pink House. But I took the girls to watch the free movie! I took Michelle's two older ones so they could hang out and play some other kids. Michelle just moved to South Carolina so the kids need to get out. Zane and Zoe got to come with me to the free movies! Then that night, the family that came over to was their last night in we headed to the Fishermans Quarters in Summerville. It was horrible. So not a Charleston place to eat. It was a waste of money. I was so they forgot to make the Chicken strips for the kids. I mean can you forget to make the kids meals? I was so upset! Then they couldn't figure out how much I owed. Totally my "it sucks" list. So avoid if you ask me!

Thursday was more of the Pink House..BUT we got our Zutter order in! Bind it all and Dreamcutz! Oh my goss! I had to go and love on each and everyone of our machines! We also had a Mommy and Me class. We had a customer come in with a baby. She is one! She does such a good job! Shelly was a great mom and guided her well..but she was awesome! Garrick and Tyra spent the morning hanging out! It is pretty much the last day they had to play before school started! Michelle met me there since OUR Brianna had her Freshman orientation and need to cover another book for my MOGO Brookie we spent the morning and then headed out to get the girls..Nang set up the distress I went and got my baby again! I love him! He is such a good boy..and I am so happy that Nang and Ethan let me steal him. I also got to watch basketball! Ethan them had a game..and I love to watch the baby play. NO not O! Baby boy Josh! He is so yummie to watch! Hopefully my husband doesn't read this. Seriously Josh is just a baby. He is in college and works at McDonalds. My husband should feel comfortable in our relationship..that he doesn't have to worry about anything! they won! YUPPIE..and I headed to the Pink Store. Yes at eight I headed back. I had to..Upsy Daisy designs arrived. So we had to put all that up! They at 2 am..Michele, Karla aka, The Mom, and me..walk out! But the most important thing I finished today....Tyra Krystyne's birthday party invitations!!!

Friday..Tyra had her sixth grade camp. She is nervous about starting a new school! BUT she loves that everyone there is starting a new school! She will miss the few friends that are still at her old school..but we will still play with them. Plus all of them are on her soccer team. This year we finally made the decision to play off base. PRAISE JESUS! The base team sucks. Sucks is saying it nicely. Luckily they asked my baby to play travel league soccer1 I can't wait for soccer to start. Nanea starts playing soccer this year. She has been waiting...a lifetime to be a soccer star! In the meantime I had forgotten my phone at the Pink House. I blame Ryan he called me the night before and I was at the guess where I left my phone at. YES right next to the computer. So I made a pit stop and Sonic..and guess who was at the Sonic. Gam B nana and my son! Talk about stalker. It is funny how Michelle and I are connected! We always seem to "run" into each other! I love it! I am so happy they moved back! I know the situation sucks, but I hope Chip is happy that they are with me! Anyway..then it is off to the Pink House..BUT while we were there..Michelle and Karla get a call...Scribbles and Scraps is closing and they want to liquidate their merchandise. UH OH..Michelle head over and spend nearly 4 we head back to the Pink House with goodies in tow. I take my piglets home..yes they were there at Scribbles and Scraps with me..and headed to Ethan's Championship I could see my baby boy..all three of them. Manny most importantly...Ethan..and Josh! So it is winner of course O them win..and have to wait one game..and then play again. Nangy and I take baby for a walk to head back. O's them game started rocky..but the baby hit a few shots..and they won! YUPPIE! So do I head home..NEVER...back to the Pink House. First we have Friday night the store is already open till midnight. Well we had to get everything ready for Playstation Saturday! So at 5:30 am....Michelle, The Mom, and I leave the store. So the most important thing that was accomplished today...I finished the September Class Schedule! All I could think was thank goodness I wasn't opening!

Saturday Saturday! So I get up with the girls. Why you ask? Not because I was being nice to was because I had about five errands that had to be done before I went to the Pink House at 11. So I am out of the house running errands..not to mention stopping at the Pink House because I had a few items that I needed to bring to use for the playstation. WOW WHAT A DAY! When I left at four..we were already having a great day! I almost cried...all the energy and work it took to make Playstation happen was all worth it! But before I left, Michelle received a phone call. The Melissa's making an offer! So the meeting was set. Sunday 11:30. We were so excited. The Mom, Michelle, and I couldn't wait! After that I came home thanked Brianna..and then decided to take the girls out for dinner. We were suppose to be doing school shopping because we were going to head to Myrtle Beach. But we decided not to go. So off to the OG we headed. My favorite family joined us a bit late..but it was a fun time! I love time I get to spend with the girls. Since Ryan's schedule is so bad lately, the girls and I get to spend sometime together. I mean TONS of time together. I am not complaining, but sometimes I love it when they go to bed! Ryan has been going to work at 5:30am and coming home around 7. Then he puts in time on the weekends. I mean he basically is at work all the time! As hard as it is..I love it! I miss Ryan during the day..and I love the time that we do get to be together. It does mess with my weekend, but it is life in the Navy!

So today, Ry waits to go into to work so I can head over to the Melissa's with our Pink House team! So we bought the Melissa's store! They are so relieved..and I am happy that everything just worked out as a win win! We at the Pink House are happy and the Melissa's seem happy! SO then it was time for school shopping! Tyra didn't get all her supplies. Here is Charleston, South Carolina everyone needs school supplies and everything is out! WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST? We came home, had dinner with the husband..and are going to try again. BUT because my husband had to work at one, I wasn't able to make my Carolina Girl swap! I totally finished my swaps! See! This month's theme was either an In Color OR a new stamp set. Well I inked CI's chipboard letters and then heat embossed them with some shimmer and made everyone a tag for their craft bags.

Aren't they cute?? I used the crop a dile to make the holes and set the eyelets. I then used SU's new In colors double stitched ribbon. *Sprinkles Alert* Did you notice anything missing? How about this..if you tell me what's missing you will be entered to get some goodies. All the entires will be thrown into a hat and I will let Tyra pick the winner! The Pink House keeps getting goodies...Who knows what you could get! Off for the second phases of school shopping!

If you are in my area..heh stop by the Pink House!


kathy said...

whew so much info in one post.

CAKVD said...

Are primas missing? Awesome letters!
Cheryl KVD

Cathy said...

Wow you have been busy. And still have time to squeeze in a fun sweet sprinkles for your readers. You are one awesome blogette!! What is would say flowers, buttons, or even an image. Thanks for a chance.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably wrong but is it embellishments?
Angie Warren

Felicia said...

What's missing? How about the pic of Tyra's finished invites.

Jan Scholl said...

having trouble posting as the page wont pop up to comment-hope this works.

I wanted to say what was missing was you sleeping and then really no photos.

I am going to bed at 4AM

Kathy W said...

Wasn't sure to post here or up in your new version favorite part about this summer was going to the local farms each week to get their fresh produce. Between all the glorious fruits and vegies and our own blueberries, we have been in eating heaven. Thanks for the chance at blog candy! Oh, and my "baby" turns 20 in a few months. Where does the time go?

Susan Liles susiestampalot said...

i think the only thing missing is a picture of the blog candy!! i LOVE the tags, though!! I may need to use that idea for my daughter's 7th birthday coming up!!! thanks for sharing!

Linda SS said...

I agree with Ryan...I'd have never gotten that:) So I'll tell you about my summer instead. I am not well enough to wonder too far, but I've enjoyed going to the lake for the day to watch my 3 toddler grandkids play in the water with their parents. Nothing brings me more joy than the grandkids:)

Pattyjo said...

Are the sprinkles missing on some? You are certainly busy and they look just beautiful! Thanks for the chance!

janet allen said...

My summer is going by too quickly. One more week until my daughter leaves for college and we'll be empty-nesters. (I've been dreading this day for 19 years, although I'm so proud of her!) You sure have beautiful daughters too:)