Monday, August 27, 2007

OH what a weekend....and the second wave starts school

Today was Traysea and Nanea's first day of school. Well..for was her first day back to schoool..but for was her very first day of school. It was so cute..when I was ironing the girls clothes, Sorry Claudia..I had to iron, Nanea came down the hall and said.."Today is MONDAY!" I smiled..and she ran back down the hallway to wake up her sister! There was a few morning meltdowns..but they did pose for these

Aren't they just too cute! Nanea was so ready to go to school. Last year she spent her mornings taking Traysea to school. She was so ready for it to be her turn! Aren't they cute! Mom bought the girls these dresses when she was out here this summer! The girls have been DYING to wear them!
Then to recap Tyra's birthday! It was a birthday weekend! The waterpark got rained out. Well not totally..we went there..the gang got to play, but then lighting showed it pretty head...SO it was out of the water! We decided that we would just take the kids to the movie here on base. So the kids headed back here and then hung out until the movie started! I have to say..even though I had a house full of children..there was not one issue! How insane is that??? Well there was a little of the Tyra and her sister thing, but that was it! Explain to me how nine children can get along? Who knows! But they were awesome!

I promise to post some waterpark pictures later. I forgot to take my camera to the waterpark..LUCKILY...Aunty Mae I will download those from my email and then post those tomorrow!

OH and not that I am plugging The Pink House..BUT I will not believe the TON of stuffs that we have gotten in! You will be amazed at what we have been able to PACK into the store. If you haven't been the store in the last two have to come by! It is always an adventure. Tomorrow we have a Coffee Crop..stop by! Sit down..hang out!
Well come see know where I will be!


Gail said...

I'll try and get by this morning. Great pictures of the girls.

Ijsbeer said...

Aw they are cute:) Love the matching dresses. Hope they like school!