Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tyra's birthday invites

I finally MADE myself do it. They aren't glamorous, but they are plain and simple! SO this is going to have to be okay! Tyra is having a waterpark birthday so I wanted something fun and bright..with a little bit of Hawaiian flavor. So TADA.

Last night was the midnight crop at the Pink House. It was the first time I went. Not that I was even making scrapbook pages..I was actually working and all the parts to finish Tyra's invite was at the store. But last night it was a packed house..and it was pretty awesome! It is so much fun to see everyone being creative. My friends Barbara and April were there..making it a "visit" on top of a crop! Anyway...I have been assigned some card taste from my mom. See needs Baby cards and Thank you cards! SO I promised to do them. But lately I have really had a job at The Pink House. That was totally not a complaint. Michelle and Karla need the help. Karla has a real job that she has to go to everyday..then she works in the evenings and works the weekends! Michelle has the day shift. There are just so many little things that need to get done..and I love that they trust me to do them. That reminds me I have to call Bellsouth about our fax line! Anyway..I need to go..the girls are looking for lunch!
OH and if you haven't heard stampin up's incentive this month is a free family pack of stamp pads. The classics...HOW awesome is that! Pretty SPASOME! Okay..thats my SU commercial!
Catch up with you guys later!!!

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