Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My encounter and My blessings!

Anyway so yesterday at about 5 I get this knock on my door. My front door at that. NO ONE EVER USES MY FRONT DOOR. So I step out through the kitchen door and send out a "Yes?" A women walks over and shows me a paper asking me why is this child not in school?" Taken back for a second I stop to read the students name, I was sure they have the wrong address. Note, in my arms are the binders that belong to THAT student. We were in the midst of checking her homework for the day. Amuse I say "UH excuse me?" She again asks me "Why is this child not in school?" This time with a bit more force. I smile and respond with "Who are you?" wanting to know one, who this women was. And two, why do you have a sheet with all my child's personal information on it! "I am such and such from the Berkeley County School District and I need to know why this child is not in school!" This time she was showing distinct signs of being irritated with me. As if I cannot ask her whom she is! I giggle and respond. "THAT child is in school. As are my other two children. This here, is THAT child's homework!" She leans over and can see that child's name in the upper right hand corner. In a binder distinctly marked with the School's name, Math, THAT students name. She is taken back and looks and me. She cuts her eyes a bit and then says "Well when did that child start school?" I smile and respond with "August 20th." She isn't sure what to think. She has evidence that the child in question is currently in school. So now the questions for her started. My first one "Well who told you that THAT student wasn't in school?" She now has a different appearance. Her force has now subsided and clearly sees that THAT student is in fact in school and there has been an error. She explains to me that they received an anonymous tip that she was still living here, but not currently enrolled in school. I laughed, because the only secret about who made that tip was to her! I knew where this information came from. It made me smile! She continued to explain the many ways this error could have occurred. Anyway..so if you a steady blog reader..you know all three of my girls have gone back to school! Oh and just in case that same person. The one who would like to remain in the shadows...just FYI Ryan and I are STILL happily married! Probably more so then we have been for awhile. Why you ask? Well the boy has gone back to 12 hour days! PRAISE JESUS! I love when Ryan actually has to work. It makes me so much less of a resentful wife and it give me time to miss him! I know I sound so horrible, but I am a Navy wife. It has always been a luxury to be able to see my husband everyday for longer then a week! But to have the man home everyday for the last OH five years has been a TEST to our marriage. But I am overjoyed to say Ryan and I are happily married. Blissfully so! Oops...I just threw up a little bit! Ryan and I have decided to just be thankful for the good stuffs! Because we are blessed! OVER AND OVER AND OVER! We have a great life! We have three beautifully healthy daughters. I am blessed with a set of parents that are so awesome. I am blessed with my mom as my very best friend. That she is my sounding board and I am hers! I am blessed with a Michelle Houser. Which everyday warms my heart. She, oh and I guess Chip Houser, have blessed me with two more awesome children that let me love them as if they were my own. I have other friends that make my heart soar each day! I have a JOB that I love to go to everyday! I work for two SPASOME peeps that allow me to express my thoughts and opinions and treat me as one of their own! I have a craft circle that ROCKS! I have a husband who everyday provides an excellent life for our family! Also my latest blessing..to have Keri Lee Serika offering her wisdom, talent, and every single ROCKIN idea she has to further herself, myself, and The Pink House. I actually could go and on..but I better stop..this is already a gosh darn long post! Anyway..I promise to work on something tomorrow! I have to prep for this ScrapPink event coming up at The Pink House..plus I will be announcing the winner of my SPRINKLES tomorrow. I will ask Tyra to pick a number in the AM. HEH if you are in my area..stop by The Pink House. You will LOVE just hanging out there!

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