Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to school Monday and *My Sprinkles*

Good Morning everyone! It is 5 am and here I am blogging! Well Ry got up to go to school and turned on the bathroom light with the door opening...Springing me into action! Though I do enjoy getting up before the girls. It just gives me time to do things like this! So I have had a few guesses..BUT I guess I wasn't specific enough....So I will start over....
The theme for this months Carolina Girl swap was to use any new In Color or any new stamp set. I inked each CI letter with an In Color...Which color ink is missing? I keep forgetting it is a new In Color! Plus it is my favorite one...well next to Soft Sky..or maybe Wild Wasabi! Anyway, last night we finished ironing out Tyra's hair. If you have ever met my daughter..she typical Hawaiian hair. I feel SO bad for her sometimes! The daily care of it is sometimes a huge cross to bear. BUT it's gorgeous. So here we are at 9 pm on a school night...
She is so ready for bed. But she wanted it done..and luckily we borrowed my friend Nang's Chi flat iron. It took half the time..about 30 minutes to do her entire hair! Normally it takes hours! I gotta get a Chi. I will take a picture of my baby girl starting sixth grade this morning! I actually think I am going to be creative today! I have my two babies home this week...and my girl appointment today..But Michelle and I are headed out to breakfast! Wish you were here..Lauren..Kate..Chris..Shelly...and Felicia!
Missing you

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Linda SS said...

Your daughter is so pretty. Her hair is beautiful & I'm glad you found an easier way to care for it. I can sure relate as I have wavy hair and grew up in the 60's and wanted Cher-hair. So I'd use orange juice cans for rollers and would tape my bangs to my fore head. Sheesh, the pain we women go thru to be beautiful:) I love the monkey jammies!!!