Monday, August 20, 2007

Days of first!

***Read below for my sprinkles!***

Well today started off with Ryan wanting to eat breakfast together. Which in theory is all wonderful and gushy..but at is not something you really want to do..but heh..I am the supportive wife and get up and lay on the couch next to him..while he eats. BUT it was fine..Tyra had to get up cause today was the first day of school. Tada..her first day of school outfit! She was a little hesitant today. Sixth grade and a new school. So the end of the day report..she got lost, but survived! Today was another first for us. I took Traysea to get her first REAL haircut. Now a little background about hair in our family. EVERYONE has different hair. I have three nieces. Three different hair types. My three girls three different hair types. My mom, my sister and I..three different hair types. It's all just crazy. Now Traysea has great hair. But just hair I am not use to. It's thin and wispy with beautiful naturally frosted tips. Not to mention these blonde, auburn like highlights. It is really great hair..BUT I don't know what to do with hair like that. Silly yea! So I took her to get it cut.
She was not happy with the blow drying..but she pushed through it!

Then I had one last thing to share. My youngest is four and loves to take pictures. She is such a mini me, it is crazy! Well..shh..don't tell Ryan. But Nanea is so my child. It is funny to see how well Ryan and her get along. Traysea and I get along much better then her and her father. I think it is because Traysea and Ryan as so much alike they can't manage to be together for long periods of time. In turn, Ryan and Nanea seem to get along better. Anyway..back to the point..yesterday at breakfast, Nanea was playing with the camera..and took this picture She cut out Traysea, but she said that she wasn't trying to get her in the picture! I see bright bright things for the girl!

I'm at the store this afternoon...SO if you have a should come by!


Ijsbeer said...

You have beautiful daugthers!
We all have different hair in my family too. Different colours as well.

Lauren Foster said...

So cute!!! I hope Tyra's first day was a good one. Traysea's new do is so very cute and totally fitting for her. Nanea is so creative, just like you!!! It is really fun to see how each of your girls have taken on traits of both you and Ryan. So fun watching them grow and develop. Miss you guys a lot!!!