Saturday, October 4, 2008

50- things

Misty's blog had 25..well 50 things she loves and I need a my cup is full why not continue it on. So here are my fifty loves

1. fall weather..i love 58 degree mornings!
2. happy healthy children. all three children had physicals..all in perfect health!
3. a winning soccer team! 3-2 today!
4. watching children learn! it always makes me cry!
5. small victories. today three kids on my team used their left foot! I have to say they are learning something!
6. the look on nanea's face after she scores a goal! like she knew it the whole time!
7. my watch. i dunno why..but it makes me feel complete.
8. finding out something you didn't about someone you already liked!
9. be trusted enough to care for someone's children.
10. being the girl you call if you need something.
11. my moms voice
12. texting...i have a texting addiction. 2113 this month. i say it like i am proud of it! oh well!
13. air conditioning. i love the relief when you walk into the house from a hot day!
14. when my children say i knew you could fix it.
15. medical hold almost over!
16. a great ortho!
17. sweet sixteens
18. netflix!
19. tivo! OH I LOVE YOU TIVO!
20. Twilight the series. Now my sister is addicted!
21. My ipod! 389 songs..oh i love it
22. bowling bday parties!
23. mechanical pencils. i don't know why..but i love it
24. days of the week panties
25. sleepovers
26. children that don't even bother to turn on the tv
27. channing!
28. digital camera...though i still love film
29. lifetime friends
30. homemade brownies. i felt bakey last night. i made three different muffins and brownies!
31. 80's music
32. songs that my children know all the words to!
33. dance parties in my living room
34. life with my 13 year old.
35. sunglasses
36. a brand new coffee machine. i wish i actually made coffee at home
37. forehead kisses
38. new sneakers
39. ribbons and hairbows
40. that i can tell traysea things one time!
41. flowers for my ears
42. quality moments with each children. i fight for this daily
43. storytime before bed. somedays i just wish it wasn't there..but most times i love it.
44. publix cake
45. hanging out with my friends.
46. lunchtime bonding
47. babies. oh i want another one
48. blue eyes! why didn't any of my girls get blue. i have hazel..brown..and brown and grey..seriously...another thing ryan is selfish with!
49. star wars...yea i a dork
50. freshly washed laundry..i just hate putting it away!

so tonight I too am going to sleep with my windows open!!


Misty said...

I love that you did 50! I kept thinking of more today and laughing at myself. Enjoy the windows open tonight, I am. =) M

Vaiva said...

Hey, I tagged you. You're it. Check my blog for details!!

Megan said...

Hello, my cute friend! Yes, this year has come and gone quickly. So hard to believe that it's been that long since we were sharing some low country boil (or whatever it's called) together.

So, you're in FL now, eh? Hope it's treating you well. You seem as cute and happy as ever.

Happy WCMD!

P.S. I swear that you winning the fabric contest was totally random. In fact, I used to get my winners. Funny, huh?