Friday, October 10, 2008

Finding the bright side!

So I am still in search of the bright side. I have been battling the stress and I really think my body is finally just breaking down. I have the migraine from hell! I drank an orange amp, migraine medicine and took two hot showers! I just can't get rid of it. I know it's cause I haven't slept well in the past three days. Then today I discover a cold sore at the top of my gums..right were my lip meets my mouth. FABULOUS! AND I know my girl time is right around the corner! OH HELL! That's all I can say! So 50 wonderful things..just weren't enough...but I hit the gym today. With everything going on..I still went! I battled the was enough to notice..but not screaming know the type...BUT I took a class at Club 14 here in Fernadina. I have heard all wonderful wonderful things about it. So my two friends go..why not go with. I wanted to go for Pilates, but I was too late and ended up in a Zumba class. I know crazy name is a mix of latin dances as a workout. I had fun! Totally! And I had moments through that I thought, Ugh, but overall, it was sorta easy. I guess all that hip shakin' in my younger years made this far to easy! I did have a bit of a problem combining the hips and feet, which I totally have, with the clapping and arm movements! Totally a sight..I promise! with this whole stressed out moments I have to say, this is the first time in SO many years the Navy stupidness have kicked in. SO if it is our turn to get can I complain..right? We have three healthy happy children! They miss their daddy so, but they get to talk to him every night. So..deep breath and release...right? I will keep trying to remind myself! Wish me luck!

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Felicia Fernandez said...

I understand your angst. But here's a happy thought. Mike's giving more thought to post grad now it could be a possibility.