Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pushing and pushing

Forward that is. Mommy gets here today! YUPPIE! I cannon even start to say how much my heart is lifted that my mom is coming. Sometimes nothing makes it better then a hug from mom. And my mom is the best mom anyone could EVER ask for! Of course just saying that makes me tear up. If you even know me for a second you know that my mom IS my best friend. Now she won't be the person next to me in the jail cell..but she will be the person I call to bail me out. Cause right now I can name oh about ten people that would be sitting next to me in the jail cell with me! But that is why they are my lifetimes!

Anyway....with everything going on..I am going into super mom mode. I just need to focus on my girls and let it be about them right now. Not that I ever am not about them..but I think my OCD crazyness is going to be back. Bleaching vents..and having warm cookies ready when you get home from school will all return to my list of things to do. Perfect lunches and every piece of clothes washed..dryed, ironed and put away...perfect bathrooms...and being class mom is all back on my list of things to do! Not to mention superstar Christmas card....filled with tons of pictures. Which reminds me..I made the girls promise that I could take them to the beach tonight around sunset..and get some sunset "twlight" pictures to put into my Christmas Cards. Also that means I have to unpack and set up my craft room. With mom being here for a week, her and I plan to spend tons of time in there..just being together!

We have High School Musical 3 on our list of things to do. Then we plan on taking the kids to that Live action show Walk with the Dinosaurs. I hear it is better be for $58 per ticket. But Seriously I am over the money issue. I think retail therapy is just the ticket for me! I know it's horrible, but with fall finally creeping in, the girls need fall clothes! Mom and I am thinking that maybe a run to Sea World might be in our cards. We are saving Disney till Christmas. When my mommy with be back again. With the hopes of my baby brother and my daddy in tow. I am trying not to get too excited, just in case my brother can't make it.

Anyway..I am blabbling...I know..but I couldn't sleep again last night and I am surviving on about three hours of sleep. Plus I am super excited..I am not sure that my girls will make it through school today without spazzing out about their grandma coming!

So, today is the start of a new day. With the promise of my moms embrace at the end of the day! I can't wait...I really need her!

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Purely perfect!

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Erika said...

Walk with the Dinosaurs was FANTASTIC! My kids loved it!! We saw it here in Charleston at the Colliseum