Thursday, October 9, 2008

Status update

Heh there:
Just a quick one..again...SO the pregnant girl is still pregnant..memorie is waiting for a three day weekend! Karrie Clark is cleaning her house cause her hubby is enroute home. But not. Why you ask..let's just say..Ry is a winner. Nah, it is only sorta his fault. But I can't call up the Navy and be mad at them, so ry gets the full brunt of my fury! But cause I knew he was already in a not so great mood, I swallowed it..for a later date! remember I said he has ulcers. They aren't even really ulcers, they are the starts of three ulcers. I mean I am sure TONS of Navy guys have them. Ry is one that consumes far to much coffee and headache/migraine meds and keeps his stress in. So of coruse ulcers occur. Anyway...well the specialist said, just cut all that stuff out and take this and they will heal in about two months. The Underway officer says, well if it takes two months to heal, you are on medical hold for two months. OMW! If the specialist says no big deal, mind you..ryan will not be getting underway until the earliest March of '09, but the Underway Officer feels you have to be in mint condition to report to the boat. So now the this Navy dude is talking to the specialist to see if he can wave Ry and have him approved for now. Seriously. no husband tomorrow. Luckily, cause I have yet to get to the back yard...and it is going to rain any minute! Cross our fingers for Saturday!



Memorie said...

BLAH! I want Ry to come home! Karrie (I have to talk to her here becasue she doesn't check myspace) YAY! He's finally coming home!! No more boob flash on screen!! :)

KTluv said...

Hey there girlie!!! I miss you. Just checking in. Wish you could come to the swap next weekend!!!