Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's a catch up day!

Heh guys...(Heh Mems!)
I only have time for a not thought out blog post. Ry comes home in two days..and my house needs attention! Who's idea was it to have the fabulous lawn? I need to have a conversation with those folks! Nothing awesome happening. I had coffee with the pregnant girl, yes she is still is just DAYS left! Then I had dinner with great friends! I have four projects due by Halloween! But I have been brain storming about Christmas cards. I am excited!


Misty said...

The pregnant girl is still pregnant this morning as well. Someone needs to tell Spencer to get out! Yay for husband coming home soon! Let's do lunch and Jack's going to be your bestie after he finds out about the bounce house you have =) Have a good one.

Memorie said...

I'm such a rockstar..SHOUT OUT! I need a Ry update. HOME!!??!! YAHOO!!!