Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Charleston..sorry Mems!

We were scheduled to go to Charleston today...but it's not a huge deal. It is an entirely too long of a dog sitting story, but I have to say it worked out nicely. The girls and I decided since it was a day of nothing..we decided to head out to the beach and take some pictures. I needed to start my Christmas why not take them today...SO you won't get to see the one I have choosen...
but here are some great ones

Main Beach here in Fernadina!
Cheesing downtown
Uh oh the scary shark on the marina
Tyra deciding if she wants to get wet!
I love this picture!
A cute park on the way. Though we would try pictures there
the sea foam today there was TONS
Oh it was cold today!
Traysea at the marina
All the butterflies were out today.

This is just a sample of the pictures I got today! I love it. I was so happy that my girls were so cooperative. Even though we didn't get to go to Charleston, I am still going to take today as a win! You guys are going to have to wait to see just how awesome my pictures came out!
Guess I better start my Christmas cards

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