Monday, October 6, 2008

Where does my day go?

So Misty's SIL blogged about her day! And as I was reading hers..then Misty's and then Vaiva's I was reminded just how awesome my life was with little children. I mean I love love love that I have freedom now..but I deep down inside miss the discipline that having three young girls required. .
Back in the day...when Tyra was eight...Traysea two..and Nanea 9 months old
My day use to be this...
wake up at 5:30 am shower....
6:00 am get dressed and brush my hair
6:15 wake up tyra. send her into the shower..Nanea starts jabbering...
6:30 prepare tyra's breakfast as she is getting dressed and making her bed
7am everyones up and at the table eating breakfast
7:15 tyra is upstairs getting dressed finishing her morning chores brushing her teeth and bringing me her brush and detangle spray..that child and her hair..
730 do tyra's hair...clear the table...dress the two piglets..take out dinner
and get everyone in the car
745 off to school
815 off to target..or walmart or doctors or whatever misc.
item or errand is required of me today. Or it is craft time if we are staying home.
11 am. return home. do breakfast dishes. lunchtime.
NLT 1130 everyone is cleaned up and down for a nap.
between 1145 and 2 p.m. is the normal mommy stuffs. cleaning, dishes, laundry, and checking my email. when the girls were this young we were living in Rhode Island in housing...all they had was dial up and it was upstairs in my room. I totally couldn't do it if I was the only one home.
2:05 waking the girls up and cleaning them up from nap time. Redo hair and put them in the car to pick up tyra from school
2:35 pick up Tyra from school
2:45 return home. All the girls get a snack
3 p.m. clear the table. The babies get a baby einstein video and the toy closet opens. Help Tyra with her homework. Start dinner and finish whatever chores didn't get completed.
5 pm Dinner time. Ryan normally has arrived by this time but it is a crazy circus.
Food is served...
6 p.m bathtime for everyone. Actually bath's for the two babies and tyra hits the shower. depending on who gets bath time, the other person is cleaning up the kitchen. Dining room table floor needs to be swept, dishes and food put away. If there is leftovers, packed for Ry's lunch tomorrow. The girls all brush their teeth in the shower or bath. Makes my life so much easier!
7 p.m. is braiding tyra's hair, selecting tomorrows outfit and storytime.
715 p.m. everyones in bed.
730 all girls are asleep!
7:45 I breath out for a minute!
8 pm. while watching tv I clean up downstairs. Sort the toy closet and return it to its normal state. Wash bottles and spray all the clothes for stains from the day. Iron the girls clothes for the next day and set it all out.
9 pm watch tv..normally fall asleep and have ry wake me around 11 to tell me it's time to go upstairs.

See I miss days..I suck!

I get up at 530 still..hit the shower the same..get my clothes together..most days.
6:15 wake up the babies
6:30 brush teeth and get their clothes on.
7 am packing the lunches and doing the girls hair. wake up tyra
730 leave for school.
740 arrive school. walk girls in
8am return home. dishes and cleaning up.
9-1 do whatever I want to do. With no ryan home I barely have to think about dinner and what to do..someday i have a plan, most days I don't! I might do laundry and catch up on my tivo..other days I have fabulous lunches with great friends..or just spend my days shopping.
1:15 i leave to get the girls from school
Between 130 and 150 the girls get out of school. I have to wait for them in the pick up line. Ugh!
215 return home. Snacks. Homework.
245pm roll around on the floor with the girls. Play tv..whatever it is I want to do..I might do some laundry..
4 pm feed the girls. They are STARVING by this time!
If it is Tuesday or thursday we have soccer at 6. We leave the house around 515.
If it is monday or friday my girls are fed and four..and showered by five thirty. At six they get a snack and at seven they are in the bed.
Wednesday are days we spend wasting every minute...since we have nothing. Normally we have play dates or just spending our time outside being dorks.
6pm clean up. Normally my house is torn to shreds. The toy room looks like crap. So it take about 30 minutes to get back to semi normal
7pm storytime
730 bedtime.
Then I spend my evening doing whatever I want to right now I am blogging..myspacing..facebooking..or just surfing in general. I almost always have laundry to do now. I always have laundry to put away, OH I HATE THAT CHORE!, and my dishes almost always need to be either washed or put up! Where did my discipline go? My yard isn't done. My bathrooms need to be done..Help me..I need a baby to get me back on schedule! Maybe I can convince my husband that way...if we have a baby I can go back to being a good wife!!!

OH just an it looks like my husband might actually be in our state come late late Friday. I know I found out my girls are crossing their fingers. My girls are so excited! They really miss their dad. I am not sure what it sorta makes me mad..but i get it..i guess!

sorry for the long blah blah blah post..but i miss the days of discipline!


donna said...

love u~

Misty said...

Oh how I wish there could be a nice balance of the 2. I'd love more time to myself but keep my toddler driven structure. Great news about your husband as well! Stupid medical hold. =) M

Memorie said...

It all flies by doesn't it? I love your blah blah blah and I miss u!