Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scrambling for my cup

It seems I am in a posting mood. For a girl who woke up with no time, has found time to post a handful of time today. The final word...Ryan is in NH at his parents house. I have to say a couple of things about that....(Becca I am tired and cranky..but oh well)

1) Seriously, his parents live fiveish hours away. Couldn't you just have jumped on the plane and came home???

2) At least his parents house is rent free!!!

3) It is only the start of ulcers and he will still be able to get a medical clearance...EVENTUALLY!

4) Another day I don't have to go and cut the lawn!

Okay..enough about him. So the last couple days have been a tough ones for me. Nail in my tire today..Luckily I have friends that know exactly what to do...tire repaired! Ry on medical hold. Basket drama. Then my cel phone decides to have issues. I mean seriously..that is my make it or break it item! Oh and I hear that two my friends are having some of their own drama.
OH yea isn't it interesting how grown ups still have high school drama. Now I am not saying that either of them are acting like high schoolers with their drama, but how it is OH so easy to flip back into that mode. I know I find high school drama all the time. i.e. basket girl. But I have heard both sides and one heard this through this person and the other this from that person, cut out the middle man and have a conversation. Yes I know it will be weird and everyone will be on edge. But at least at the end of it, you would know just where everyone stood! It's funny! it has been a tough week! So I need 50 things to remind me of just how my cup runneth over!!! They will be so random it's going to be crazy!

1) Three healthy daughters
2) Lifetime friends
3) Salsa and chips
4) Great relationships with my daughters teachers
5) Mail from home!
6) Mom's that say, oh honey it will get better
7) Wii fit!
8) Coffee with the almost done pregnant chick!
9) Watching children learn
10) Listening to my girls read!
12) Halloween parties!
13) Listen to my three girls work it out
14) Bowling
15) Soccer
16) TIVO!
17) Orange soccer socks!
18) Mexican Train
19) Sunlight
20) Surf Shops
21) Romance by Breathe it's lotion from Bath and Body works
22) Sharpies!
23) My craft room
24) dreaming of scrapbook layouts
25) black and white pictures
26) lunches with tyra
27) AM cuddles with my girls
28) Waking up rested, before the alarm
29) Saying thank you in different languages!
30) Organic Milk
31) Vanilla Silk
32) Cardstock
33) ritz camera's photo developing
34) sushi fro kozo's or genkis!
35) my calendar
36) 348 songs on my playlist
37) the smell of scotch tape. I know I know I have issues!
38) reconnecting with friends
39) girls night watching tv together
40) you tube! have to love it!
41) netflix
42) flowers in my ear
43) jackets and sweatshirts
44) my van fitting in the garage!
45) breakfast in the car on mornings we are late!
46) reading books in the car while we are driving to school
47) Four day weekends! Whoot whoot
48) Blogger shout outs! (Hi Mems)
49) Christmas card planning
50) slippers...not those that you wear to bed..kalipas..that you wear out. reefs, I have to say are my favorites!

Thank goodness I could think of 50! I needed that..okay off to bed kiddos!


Memorie said...

#44 made me laugh out loud! That is so you! Come see me!

Latisha said...

sorry ryan is on medical hold, that must suck some serious butt!
go get a coffee and go shopping, that always makes me feel better >"<