Thursday, October 23, 2008

My mommys here my mommys here...

That's all i can skip around and sing my little made up song. I took pictures..BUT my camera is in the van..and the alarm is already they will have to wait till tomorrow..but my emotional roller coaster has left the station. SO...I am still battling with matter HOW exhausted I get. I am dealing with controling my hate..and pushing forward to bigger and brighter. Just focus on the girls, is all I can say!
Thank you all you guys that keep reminding me..that keep reminding me that my lifetime friends are such superstars! Makes coping so much easier.
So in that..we have started the Halloween decorating. I know I know..seriously with one week out..what a pile of crock...but I am just not caring. So I got a few this and thats..and hung those. My house smells like cinnamon...LOVE IT! And tomorrow we are going out to get pumpkins and haybails. and just live fall! I can't wait to deck my house out for Christmas. I am SO excited!
It's world series time! My mom and I battled to try and stay up last night. Well..I stayed up, but mom fell out before the end of the game. We were all cuddled in Tyra's bed watching her TV...why, not sure..but they both fell asleep. I turned the TV off and went to my room. Then spent the night writing to the girls. I am loving writing to them. It's werid the thoughts that I have for them. I mean nothing crazy..just small things. Like I love it when you....kind of things.
So tomorrow we are off to see this!
My girls can't wait! Grandma is excited that she is here to see it with us. I know what dorks. The girls are already begging to buy the CD. Cheesy, but my girls love the whole song and dance! It's their Sound of Music! Oh well!
So my picture for today....I almost forgot!

Just cuties I tell you.

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