Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OH I am bubbling angry! This is a long one!

Now I think I am a jump through hoops sorta of friend! For my besties there is no stone unturned..you know! So today I get this fucked up..yes I did drop the "f" bomb...voicemail on how I don't really care about people and how this and that and I am just trying to put other people in the middle....okay..so the back story...

My friend had a Longaberger Show. Her friend, all of our girls went to the same school in the same class, purchased a beautiful picnic basket. Now we all understand that Longaberger isn't just something you decide you want to buy. It is far too expensive and all that other stuffs..but anyway..this is the beauty she purchased! Large Picnic Basket with Large Riser. Anyway..so fast forward a bit, she noticed it has some issue on the corner and wanted to return it. But in the mean time she had decided to open and shop and said that she knows she bought this basket but she can find ones that are better for half the price.

First and foremost..you aren't going to find anything as good as this..for half the price.

Secondly...this girl is not poor. Or even hurting for a dollar. You and I scrimp and save and try to live within a budget, but this girls has $20,000 sitting in her home's safe. It is not like she doesn't drop $200 on things here and there...totally not the point I know, but people get crazy when it comes to money. anyway....so I say..well if you don't want it..I will buy it.

On this night, she had taken us to dinner. Oh why did she have to take us to dinner. Well cause Marsha..Karrie and I had spent our time (2 weeks) painting her new boutique. Oh and let's just say that it was a fricken fabulous time painting her place. We saved her THOUSANDS of dollars by painting her thing. Also while one person was painting someone else had to watch Karrie's children so she could paint. Tada, me! Now I have no problem helping Karrie out. But it is not like all we did was paint

I also have watched said girl's oldest daughter while she was having her baby. I took her oldest the sunday before her scheduled induction Monday. I took her child for three days. OH and it is not like her child is a walk in the park. My children are in bed at 715pm and don't get a tv to fall asleep to. You eat everything in my house or you starve...she luckily doesn't have to! So it was tough three days for my girls and their not sleeping effected their personalities making it just all roses in the late afternoons. But said girls family sucks so someone needed to watch her. So, cause we are friends, I say sure I will do it. Little did I know the night that her second daughter is born, her husband finds the time to go play poker. I mean come and get your fricken kid! Not to mention I had to drive to downtown Charleston at three in the afternoon so her oldest daughter could see her new sister. It wasn't like her parents were coming to get her from my house.

Oh my goodness I am fuming! I hate to be someones reason! My problem is that I was her reason. I am always someones reason. I am seriously so angry all I can do is see red! Anyway...so she took us to dinner as "payment". I so wished we went some place fabulous OR I ordered something really worth it! Anyway that night i took said basket from her. To give to the consultant and have it returned because of the damage.

Finally the consultant got the return ticket TODAY! and is able to return it. And then I get this phone call today!

Not that I expect everyone to understand a military situation. Few people who don't live it everyday can't even start to understand.

Michelle, the consultants husband just returned from Iraq and they are currently living separate. She's in SC and he's in Newport, RI. She has two children one almost 16 going to be 26 year old. And a ten year old boy..who wants to be 16. Wishing her luck everyday!

Karrie's husband is also in some hostile undisclosed area...schedule to return sometime really soon. But he has been gone for oh about four months! Did I mention she has four kids. One 15, one 7, one 5, and one going to be two in November.

Ryan has been in CT since the end of July! I mean seriously..I would love to see her try and run her house with just one person. And of course I have three ever so pleasant daughters!

Said women has a cleaning lady/baby nanny and can come and go as she pleases. She has one five almost six year old and a six month old. They own their own business and she does all the book keeping and her husband basically sets his schedule. Meaning he takes their oldest to and from school. I am not saying she doesn't work hard...but seriously try to do it on a budget with three children playing three sport and your husband underway. Let's just see how much of a superstar you are. When you have to cut your own lawn and your house doesn't have an elevator. I am not saying I am a fricken superhero but not everyone can be a military spouse!

So against my better judgement I called her..in an attempt to talk about it. So I got her voicemail! OH did I just leave the most horrible message EVER for the last three or so minutes. But I feel better! Say what I said and that's it. Now I wash my hands of the entire situation.

And Karrie Clark if you, so help my goodness, pay her or be involved in anyway, I will be mad at you! There is no excuse for her behavior. I don't care if in her previous lifetimes she has been burned or slighted by others..I NEVER DID IT TO HER! SO don't dish your high school drama shit to me! I find it funny that people can't just be adults. I promise Karrie! Stop being the peace keeper. She has an issue..she needs to remove you from the middle and see me! Here I am. My cel phone number has been the same for the last ten years!

Sorry for my vent..but never try and call me out on something that you are SO in the wrong about. I will make sure to resolve the problem and point out in glowing lights why you are the dumb ass. In a matter of fact, nothing would make me feel happier right now!

Sorry guys i just had to vent!

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Memorie said...

AAAAHHHHH!! :0!! Stand your ground! Remember..you don't have time for drama..it's not worth it! Moveon.org
miss miss ya!!
Karrie don't do it, she'll hurt ya! :p