Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to school, dinner recap, and something that had me laughing for days!

So the girls headed back to school today. Nanea was not very happy. She was still super tired..I think six thrity was not something was happy about. Traysea has decided the craft room is her bedroom. She is loving having it as hers. Nanea, she is still adjusting!

Dinner with my girls was fantastic. We ate on our fancy plates, which I broke one of..ugh, and drank out of fancy glasses, flowers on our table, and cheers! The girls thought it was cool. Nothing fancy food wise..but i put everything in cute dishes on the table. They felt special!

Then today I read my friend Megan's blog! She is super fun! Papercraft mastermind! But check out her blog for her new year's "wishes"! She had me rolling..but I do think she might might just have the right idea!

Besides that it is back to the grind. I totally goofed off today..but I gots me a got outfit to wear to brother's commissioning at the end of this month. OH and I was reminded today that I am still my mothers daughter..and did nourish that relationship today! I listened and agreed to see it through her eyes! I love her. And am so blessed to have her! But then in the same conversation I was reminded I am her daughter and she is the mother and what she says goes.

Tomorrow I am having my friends over for dinner. We are all husband without..so thought it would be nice to visit. In Charleston we use to do it all the time! I miss it! So we are going to hang out!

Basketball practice tonight..ugh..why is it on base??? Oh well..i gotta finish dinner and then get my house in order and off to practice we go!

More later!


KTluv said...

Loved Megan's blog! Too funny and just perfect. I am going to print out and adopt as my own! lol

Felicia Fernandez said...

Dinner with friends! That sounds like fun. But at least I get to go home for a bit on my own. I can hang out with my friends and have dinner and see my mom!!!! It's been 18 months since I was back at my home town. Miss ya!

Misty said...

Your friends blog cracked me up! I'm thinking I'm going with her resolutions, it should be a much more fun year!